Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Easter Bunny has arrived!

Sweet little hand made doll quilt

It's here - check it out - Easter is in the store. Stop in for the best selection early, when it is gone, it is gone!
Guiltless chocolate bunnies - they just LOOK yummy!

Everyone loves fuzzy chicks!
Vintage lamb planter

The Bunny Family

We have candy pouches and boxes for your Easter sweets

Felted bunny and chicky- aren't they cute!
Our Old Friend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hop to it! The Easter Bunny's coming...

I know, Easter is still weeks away (can you believe it is April 24th?-the latest it has been in as long as I can remember), but the Easter goods are in the store and just waiting for you to stop and shop 'em.  Pictures of cuteness coming soon - check back for a glimpse.

Bringing in TONS of new stuff over the next few weeks  (we just moved storage and I have found some good stuff just by shopping my own storage unit).  Great BIG thank you to all those that helped with the terrible project of moving, BUT it will prove to be a good thing when I am all ORGANIZED!!!  Speaking of the end goal of organization...  I am attempting to create a multi-use space for creating and additional shopping of FUN stuff.  Stay tuned for additional information coming to you VERY SOON!

Upcoming Markets:
Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market (http://www.horseshoemarket.com/)
46th and Tennyson (Highlands Neighborhood)
May 7th, August 6th, and October 1st
9 am to 4pm